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Federal Bank Employees’ Union, which was formed in the year 1963, is affiliated to All India Bank employees’ Association (AIBEA). AIBEA represents the overwhelming majority of bank employees in different banks in the Public, Private, Co-Operative and foreign sectors in the country. Its membership strength is five lakh. Federal Bank employees’ Union has the membership of 95% of the award staff (clerks and sub-staff) of the Federal Bank.

It is the sole negotiating body in the Bank for award staff. Negotiations for determining the wages and service conditions are undertaken at two levels. One is at the industry level, i.e., covering all banks and the other, at the individual bank level. At the industry level, negotiations take place between Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and the bank unions. These negotiations are known as ‘Bipartite negotiations”. AIBEA plays a key role in these negotiations. Ten Bipartite settlements have already been signed, the last one signed on 25-05-2015. The term of BIPARTITE SETTLEMENTS is 5 years and the present one is effective from 01-11-2012 to 31-10-2017.

In addition to the salary and other benefits available through the Bipartite Settlements, in Federal Bank, various other benefits and service conditions are introduced through negotiated Settlements between the Federal Bank Management and the Federal Bank Employees’ Union. While Pay Scales and various special pays and allowances are decided at the industry level Bipartite Settlements, other benefits such as Canteen Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Closing Allowance, News paper cost reimbursement, Education Scholarship to children of employees brief –case to employees and service conditions pertaining to promotion, transfer, loan facilities (at concessional rates of interest) etc. are decided at the bank level through negotiations with our Union.

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